World Cold Chain Summit challenges horrific food wastage

  Euroscan Asia Pacific's Managing Director Mark Mitchell was honoured to be invited to the World Cold Chain Summit in London in November 2015. Organised by Carrier, the world's     leader in high-technology refrigeration solutions, the Summit attracted global leaders in academia, government and business to discuss food waste. Mark was specificially representing Carrier Transicold in Australia and Asia, and he contributed to discussion groups as the only technical expert in thermal properties of refrigerated transports and their relationship to refrigeration system capacities.

The Summit heard disturbing news about food waste in all countries, and while food handling in the cold chain is but one element of the wastage cycle, the world trends point to greater efforts required by logistics groups to improve their processes and develop more efficient hardware.

Mark was horrified to learn that 43 percent of all food produced never reaches consumers due to spoilage and waste. To produce this wasted food, 3.3 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions are produced, dwarfing the emissions of some of the worst polluting countries on the planet.

Against these figures, one in eight people go to bed hungry at night.

Professor Tim Foster, University of Nottingham told the Summit, 'While emerging economies face significant challenges in energy and transportation, which are key to enabling an effective cold-chain infrastructure, food waste in developed economies is often behaviour based. For example, a preoccupation with the aesthetics of food results in an estimated 20 percent of edible, but not necessarily pretty, fruits and vegetables going to waste.'


Mark's contribution to the Summit was that the cold chain needed fine tuning, particularly the efficiency of truck bodies versus the size and power demands of refrigeration units. He talked about the advantages of developing more thermally efficient refrigeration systems that could provide a buffer against the chance of food loss in systems which often operate on the brink of temperature failure. 'When things go wrong in the cold chain, they go wrong in a very big way,' he commented.



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