SuperCool and Unicla play key role in unique vehicle a/c test

An Australian designed and built personnel carrier, reputed to be one of the safest in the world for tough mining and construction zones, has undergone a rigorous testing of its unique twin air conditioning system at SuperTest at Ormeau in Queensland. The Q Transporter, developed and built by QMW Industries is a world leader in Roll Over Protection Structures.
The SuperCool team's job was to test the capacity of the vehicle's HVAC system, which has the unique feature of twin Unicla 170 compressors. The testing had to anticipate rugged mining terrains in temperatures which regularly hit 40 degrees Celsius. The complex testing led to some adjustments which will better suit the mining environment.

SuperTest1 Super SuperTest3

SuperCool managing director and Unicla director Mark Mitchell, with
technician Danny Drennan set the psychrometer which will measure
the air and humidity temperature and relative humidity percentage.

Sensors connected to key components and zones within the vehicle
send constantly updated performance measurements into a special
software program to provide a complete and accurate picture of the
a/c system capabilities.

An unusual twin compressor arrangement to cope with the rugged
conditions expected by this vehicle. The compressor of choice was
the Unicla 170 Series.

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