ClenairCarbon air neutralisers an easy install for big systems

ClenAir has a proven track record of absorbing odours rather than just masking them and is the perfect product for installers and maintenance technicians of industrial and commercial air conditioning systems.

The ClenAir range, developed by chemists in Pennsylvania USA, is based on a proprietary blend of activated carbon, which is capable of removing volatile organic compounds and pollutants.

The produce is easy to use and the packaging is so innovative that one of the products, an HVAC odour block in a hang-on-a-nail carton won a gold medal in the 2010 Dealer Design Awards. The main product range consists of various size tubs and blocks of the non-toxic odour blocks, which are simply uncovered and placed inside air handlers or return ducts in air conditioning systems in homes, offices and apartment blocks.

The manufacturers even claim ClenAir can eliminate skunk ordour. There are no skunks in Australasia, but SuperCool has already tested a household tub on cat’s urine and has an enthusiastic testimonial to prove that it actually does work


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